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Our company offers services in the field of design, assessment and inspection of technology equipment and pipelines for chemical, petrochemical and power engineering units. We also draw up inspections plans including methodology for evaluation of technical conditions. Everything we do for minimal probability of failure. We have a rich amount of knowledge in the area of thin-walled structures such as storage tanks, silos, pipelines, etc.

We provide structural stress analyses by using finite element methods (FEM) to customers who need highly-skilled and experienced consulting engineers to help perform analysis on their designs or they need to solve the structural integrity of their assets. Identifying and analysing possible failure modes and optimizing the ultimate design to prevent against them is the primary focus of our structural stress analysis services.

Our philosophy and advertising slogan is "Think simply, think innovatively", and we always follow it. We always offer unique, simple and innovative solutions to our clients.

Storage Tanks

  • Analysis of the technical condition of storage tanks according to EEMUA 159, API 653, R-111, UL 142 standards or set up tailor-made procedures of maintenance for specific storage tanks.
  • Design of aboveground storage tanks according to EN 14015, API 650, or according to other specific standards.
  • Stress analysis of atypical storage tanks using the finite element method (FEM).
  • Application of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) methods.
  • Analysis of the effects of degradation mechanisms on the structure of storage tanks.
  • Planning of non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections, including the processing of evaluation of results by using of Fitness-for-Service (FFS) methods and the design of repairs.
  • Elaboration of inspections plans for storage tanks and performing of visual inspections.
  • Utilization of own ASTlife programme system, which is an innovative solution to lifetime monitoring of storage tanks, including piping networks and terminal facilities.

Thin-Walled Structures

  • Stress analyses and stability analyses of all kinds of thin-wall shell structures (storage tanks, silos, containers, roofs, etc.).
  • Numerical analysis of shell structures using finite element method (FEM).
  • Analysis of the technical state of constructions, analysis of detected defects including a design of repairs.
  • Calculation of residual life time of structures and assessment of limit load.
  • Analysis of settlement of the structures.
  • Analysis of structures for seismic loads.
  • Visual inspection of steel structures and assembly of inspections plans.
  • Feasibility studies, consulting services in the field of thin-walled structures.
  • Draw up of non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections, including the processing of evaluation of results.

Structural Stress Analysis and Remaining Life Assessment

  • Static and dynamic analyses of steel structures.
  • Stress analysis according to various international standards for technological structures:
    • pressure vessels, storage tanks, containers, silos, pipeline systems, and other types of equipment and steel structures.
  • Stress analysis using finite elements method FEM:
    • statics (linear, non-linear, stability, contact and thermal tasks).
    • dynamic (natural and forced vibrations),
    • seismic (natural or man-made).
  • Assessment of equipment and structure fatigue.
  • Determination of remaining life of steel structures.
  • Optimization of structures using FEM.

Applied Mechanics

  • Analysis of structures for specific loads, established on the basis of experimental measurements.
  • Preparation of procedures for evaluation of durability of structure with consideration of specific degradation mechanisms.
  • Experimental analysis of structures - design of experimental laboratory measurements and in-situ measurements. Evaluation of measured data. Realization of experimental measurement with contracted partners.
  • Checking steel structures using NDT methods in collaboration with contractors and subsequent evaluation of founded flaws, including design of repairs.
  • Analyses of structural failures.

Research & Development

Contract research in the area of structural mechanics and steel structures. Cooperation in national and international grant projects.


Consultancy services in solving of unexpected operational problems. Consultancy services in the area of strength analysis, design and analysis of steel structures. Supervisory activity in the construction of storage tanks, containers and silos. Consultancy services for investors.

Visual Inspection

Elaboration of inspections plans for storage tanks and performing of visual inspections. Creation of specific control procedures "Checklist" for steel structures. Assessment of provisions for the safe operation of structures and technology devices.


Solving of problems connected with operation of structures and suggestions of corrective actions. Analyses of the degradation mechanisms, experimental design and simulation analysis. Scope and application of NDT methods, identification of critical places, and outline for corrective measures.

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How we do it

Each project requires a specific solution. Our workflow is exclusively focused on customer needs and usually consists of the following work phases:


Detailed preparation can save valuable time during the subsequent solution of project.


Understanding of the issues and familiarity with the analyzed problem.


Core part of each contract.


Communication with the customer during all stages of the project is necessary to achieve the projected aim.


Integration of final comment and hand in to customer.


Potential defence of result in front of an investors or supervisory authority.

Our Solutions

We offer own software solutions to support inspection and maintenance for a vast field of assets operations. Our software solutions are an integral part of structural integrity management that is fundamental to ensure safe and the most productive operational life of assets. Structural integrity analyses covers a full range of activities of inspection and monitoring, material evaluations and remaining life assessment, stress and fatigue analyses, remediation and repairs. Effective structural integrity management minimises the risk of catastrophic failure and the likelihood of having to take components out of service, maximises operational efficiency, and promotes asset life extension.

The framework of our software solutions is based on a fully web-based programme with offline application for android tablets. Core server executive programme with android application for management of on- or off- stream inspection and data collection are strong tools for effective assets inspection and maintenance.

Our software solutions are based on the combination of two approaches Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM).

Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

RBI methodology is a very flexible approach to planning and choosing of appropriate inspection activities of assets. It combines on the one hand the increasing demand for safety and reliability of structures, and on the other hand the economic requirement for effective planning, cost savings and economies of inspection structures of operators.

A key factor of RBI methodology is the correct assessment of probability of failure of the structure or component. It requires perfect knowledge of the degradation mechanisms. Also it is very important to correct classification of the potential consequences on safety, environment and operating losses of failure.

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

RCM is a technical tool created to preserve the inherent reliability of equipment by optimizing of maintenance activities to achieve the specified safety requirements, eligibility, availability and cost saving, in the context of the required operational safety. The RCM method identifies an activity for preventive maintenance to avoid or mitigate the consequences of a particular failure mode. The RCM method assesses the operational integrity as opposed to the RBI, which evaluates the structural integrity.

RCM is a unique method for determining the minimal safe maintenance activities that are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of technical systems.


ASTlife is developed software solutions to support inspection and maintenance of storage tanks and pipeline, including technology storage tanks terminal. It is a unique and innovative system solution for the management of inspections, monitoring service life and ecological aspect of operation of storage tanks, pipeline networks and mechanical equipment of storage tanks terminals. The program includes modules based on Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) methods that meet industry standards and recommendations (EEMUA 159, API 653, R-111, UL 142, and others) are complemented by our own know-how.

The main aim of our company is to offer first-class software solutions that are tailored to the specific type of tank terminals and technology. A necessary part of implementation of the ASTlife is an RBI and RCM analysis and composition of the inspection programme/activities. There is also a design range of NDT inspection procedures and set guidelines for evaluation of the measured data. Our developer programme solution covered analysis of unconventional types of storage tanks as well.

We offer complex inspections support in the whole lifecycle of storage tank terminals. Our solutions are always tailored and covers vary kinds of storage tanks (above ground, buried, vertical, horizontal, cylindrical, boxed, etc.) and their various problems (settlement, vibrations, buckling, loss of stability, thickness optimization, etc.).

If you are interested in our solution for management of technical life time - ASTlife, let us know, we will provide further information.

Detailed presentation of the final version of ASTlife product will be:

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  • seconds

About Us

TWSCON is a small, young and independent company founded in 2015 by Jakub Gottvald. The company provides expert services to customers across a wide range of industries. The company name, which consists of the abbreviated words Thin-Walled Structures CONsulting, shows that we are especially strong in solving the problems of thin-walled structures, mainly storage tanks. Technical task solutions are based on our in-depth industry knowledge, operational expertise and knowledge of leading technical inventions. We are also very active in our own R&D activities, because we want to provide simple, innovative and the best solutions to our customers.

We do not apply ready-made solutions for any project, our solutions are always tailored. With use of our extensive in-depth industry knowledge, operational expertise and knowledge of leading technical inventions, we always find solutions for our customers’ problems. We are very flexible, therefore each problem is treated with the same diligence.

Each of our steps are made according to our motto "Think simply, think innovatively."

Key Member

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Jakub Gottvald, Ph.D

Executive director, Owner, Founder

+420 728 065 909

Jakub studied Steel Structures and Structural Mechanics at Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic. He is an expert in structural stress analyses and residual life time assessment of steel structures as support for inspection and maintenance of asset. He is high qualified in using of FEM programmes RFEM and ANSYS. His strengths are an excellent ability to analyse the root causes of failures that is why he still very actively search for on-site experiences.

  jakub.gottvald@twscon.com   +420 728 065 909

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Our relationships with clients are based on mutual trust. We are defenders of a Win-Win model, because only by this way can we achieve the best results.

“We are committed to building an open and enduring partnership with our client based on mutual trust.”

Jakub Gottvald, TWSCON – Executive director

“In all aspects we got precise work. We greatly appreciate quick and straight forward communication.”

Richard Nekvasil, REN Engineering - CEO

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